Where The End Starts KAWS figure Book

“Where The End Starts” is a book by KAWS that features a retrospective of his work from the past 20 years. It includes sculptures, paintings, toys, and other artworks by the artist, as well as essays and interviews about his creative process and inspirations. The book does not include a physical KAWS figure, but it may feature images of his figures and toys throughout the pages. The book can be found online or at select bookstores and art galleries.

Introduction to KAWS and the “Where The End Starts” book

KAWS is a world-renowned artist who has gained a massive following for his unique style and approach to art. He has worked across various mediums and has collaborated with several brands, including Nike, Uniqlo, and even Sesame Street.

The “Where The End Starts” book is a comprehensive collection of KAWS’ work, featuring over 200 pages of his art, including paintings, sculptures, and toys. The book also includes an in-depth interview with the artist, where he discusses his creative process and inspiration.

If you’re a fan of KAWS or are interested in modern art, this book is a must-have. It offers a glimpse into the mind of one of the most influential artists of our time and provides a comprehensive overview of his work. Whether you’re a collector or just starting to explore the world of art, “Where The End Starts” is a great place to start.

Overview of the KAWS figure included in the book

The KAWS figure included in the book “Where The End Starts” see KAWS figure is a limited edition collectible designed by the artist himself. The figure stands at 11 inches tall and features the iconic KAWS Companion character in a sitting position with its head tilted to one side. The figure is made of high-quality vinyl and is highly detailed, with every line and curve of the character’s design carefully crafted.

This figure is not just a simple collectible, it also serves as a symbol of KAWS’ creative vision and artistic journey. The character’s design has evolved over the years, and this figure captures the latest iteration of the Companion character. It also represents the unique blend of street art and contemporary art that KAWS has been known for.

For fans of KAWS, this figure is a must-have addition to their collection. It is a tangible representation of the artist’s work and a reminder of his impact on the art world. The figure is packaged in a sleek, black box with the book’s title and KAWS’ signature printed on the front, making it a great display piece for any collector’s shelf.

Availability and pricing information for the book and figure

The “Where The End Starts” KAWS figure book is a highly sought-after collector’s item, and its availability and pricing can vary depending on where you look. The book itself is a hardcover, 272-page volume that features full-color photographs of KAWS’ artwork, including his sculptures, paintings, and toys. The figure, which is included with the book, is a 7-inch vinyl reproduction of KAWS’ iconic “Companion” character.

As of the time of writing, the book and figure set can be found on various online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, as well as through specialized art retailers and resellers. The price range for the set can vary widely, with some sellers offering it for as low as $50 or as high as several hundred dollars, depending on the condition of the book and figure, as well as their rarity.

It’s important to exercise caution when purchasing the “Where The End Starts” book and figure, as there have been reports of counterfeit versions being sold online. To ensure that you’re getting an authentic set, it’s best to purchase from a reputable seller and do some research beforehand to familiarize yourself with the telltale signs of a fake.

Reviews and reactions to the book and figure from fans and collectors

The “Where The End Starts” KAWS figure book is a highly sought after item for collectors and fans of the artist. The book and figure set was originally released in 2016 and has since become a rare and valuable item.

Currently, the availability of the book and figure is limited to third-party resellers and auction sites. Prices for the set can vary greatly, with some listings reaching upwards of $1,000 or more. It’s important to research sellers and ensure authenticity before making a purchase.

If you’re unable to find the book and figure set at a reasonable price, there are alternative options. The book itself is still available for purchase through various retailers, and KAWS has released other figures and merchandise that may appeal to collectors.

Overall, the “Where The End Starts” KAWS figure book is a coveted item that requires some effort and research to obtain. But for fans of the artist, it’s a must-have addition to any collection.

Analysis of the significance and impact of KAWS’ work in the art world

KAWS, also known as Brian Donnelly, has made a significant impact on the contemporary art world. His work blurs the line between fine art and commercial art, combining elements of pop culture with traditional art forms. The release of his book, “Where The End Starts,” which features his iconic figure sculptures, highlights the significance of his work.

One of the most important things about KAWS’ work is its accessibility. His work is recognizable to people of all ages and backgrounds, making it more approachable and relatable than some other contemporary art. This has helped to bring a new audience to the art world, making it more inclusive and diverse.

KAWS’ work is also highly collectible, with his figures and prints selling for high prices at auction. This has helped to elevate his status in the art world and has made him one of the most sought-after contemporary artists.

Another important aspect of KAWS’ work is its ability to comment on contemporary society. His use of popular characters and logos, such as Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob SquarePants, allows him to make statements about consumer culture and the commodification of art.

Overall, KAWS’ work has made a significant impact on the art world, bringing new audiences and perspectives to contemporary art. The release of his book, “Where The End Starts,” is a testament to the importance and influence of his work.

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